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Purpose Potion Readings allow you to experience both the intuitive guidance and scentual sorcery of Mutha Mystic.

This reading includes a live 5-10 mix of oracle and tarot card pulls during a virtual session meant to reveal messages relative to your personal growth and transformation.

Following the session, a customized fragrance, referred to as a Purpose Potion, is created. Each Purpose Potion is a uniquely crafted intention oil recipe using crystals, herbs, and fragrances meant to elevate, enhance, escape, or exude the energies revealed throughout the intuitive guidance session.

As you wear your one-of-a-kind Purpose Potion, your aura will constantly be reminded of the meaning and purpose embedded within the oil to enhance your daily rituals and routines.

Harness the power of Scentual Sorcery to alchemize, manifest, and transform the desires of your life with a unique Purpose Potion!

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